Design for How People Learn: Academic Teaching in Higher Education

This practical workshop focuses on fundamental questions of teaching and learning, as well as the organisation of teaching and learning processes. You will reflect on your own learning experiences, exchange ideas about teaching, and develop basic didactic knowledge about the subject areas of higher education. Furthermore, you will discover how to use key principles behind attention, memory, and learning to create lectures and seminars that enable your students to gain the knowledge and skills that you provide.

By the end of the course, you will be able to critically examine the teaching/learning culture of your own subject. You will have gained (new) individual strategies for academic teaching, and you will have participated in collegial exchange beyond your own subject. The entire sequence “Design for How People Learn” is a mandatory workshop of the basic module of the qualification programme “Professional Competence for Academic Teaching” and includes, in addition to the three attendance days, a period of individual transfer and practice (including elements of collegial feedback and consultation).


05. - 06.Sep.2024


9:00 - 17:00

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Themenfeld 1: Lehren und Lernen


Universität Paderborn


Universität Paderborn, Stabsstelle Bildungsinnovationen und Hochschuldidaktik